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Since we have established various partnerships in the area of physical security and property protection through trust in recent years, we would like to offer additional external services (physical security) from a trusted and reliable partner company to support our IT security services. For this purpose, we have linked the internationally operating team of the company "Protex" with the security team of Evolution Security GmbH in order to be able to offer rounded security services in Germany and the EU.

Security Services:
  • Plant & property protection - Mobile service
  • Train attendant & streetcar protection
  • Doorman & Reception Services
  • Event Protection & Service
  • Personal security
  • Medical services
  • Fire Security Services
  • Security Consultations
  • Security Concepts
  • Safety analyses

Security in Trade or Economy:

  • Department store surveillance in the form of Shopguard's and department store detectives
  • Investigation of assets on the WorldWideWeb

Business Detective Agency:

  • Security consulting
  • Special Investigations
  • Special examinations
  • Investigations & research in the following areas (examples):
    - Proof of theft, fraud, embezzlement
    - Checks for the preparation of business contacts
    - Search for vehicles and other material goods
    - Brand piracy, warehouse and transport crime
    - Proof of unauthorized secondary employment, illegal employment
    - Personnel checks for new hires or promotions
Safety Engineering:
  • Alarm and fire alarm systems (TELENOT and Jablotron)
  • Video surveillance (Dahua)
  • Smart Home (in combination with eLock or Loxone)
Trust in a strong and informative network of companies such as the security company "Protex", which provides cooperative support for inquiries in the above-mentioned focal points.. For questions about the supporting security service provider, please contact our support team.
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