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Our company protects famous software, services, applications on multiple platforms & informs the vendor in a secure way. We provide advanced penetration tests and vulnerability assessment to our customers and clients. Targeted exploitation, benefits programs, security rewards, bug bounty programs and silent or responsible disclosure is our business. Evolution Security GmbH offers its services successfully to international companies of all sizes and sectors. More than 20 corporations are still part of our customer base like many other medium-sized companies. Customer satisfaction is paramount to us, for that reason we do offer our customers in the field of safety tests to be personally on site to gain insight into our approach or workflows.

Startup, Management & Founder
Founded in 2008, Evolution Security derives its authority from the world's foremost technology institution and from our moderators deep technical knowledge, creativity and unequaled access to the world's preeminent security researchers. The evolution security team exchange information in a lot of countries and work from a neutral perspective as independent security team. The independent and non-commercial security research work-sharing group has been founded in december 1997/1998. The company red-team was managed by individuals in 2008 until 2013 to handle large corporations and clients. The evolution security gmbh company has joined the it-security market with a new business model and turned in 2014 official to a GmbH. The managing director of the Evolution Security GmbH company is Benjamin Mejri (Kunz). He is also one of the company founders and the backbone in the administrators team. The company is official registered in germany (Industrie & Handelskammer) and owns an office in technology center in kassel wilhelmshöhe - hessen.
Concepts & Services
The mythology of our company is connected to the concept generated with trust, long drafting partnerships or cooperations and of course the technical knowledge.
  • Vulnerabilities, Advisories, Penetration Testing & Audits
  • Protection, Prevention-Software & Cryptography
  • Security-News, Discussions, Assistance and commented Reports
  • Programming, Researching & Security Management
  • Exploitation-Videos, White+Black Papers
  • Risk Analysis, Developer-Tutorials & Security Videos
  • Workshops, Talks, Presentations & Trainings
Philosophy of Penetrationtests & Security Team
Our Team will work out an individual Security-Test and Penetration-Test solution for your requirements. Our Philosophy is not to test with the "usual" Scanning-Applications or scripts, we just use them as an addition to our special manual security testings. Our international Team with a long-standing expert knowledge will be glad to audit your software, online service, application and appliance solution as well as every other part of your network infrastructure.

"Our ambition is your it-security!"

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