Web Application Infrastructure

Our specialized security team works closely with institutions, government and security companies and agencies to ensure a robust security infrastructure for web applications. We protect sensitive government infrastructures with specially developed zero-day security gaps. Our reputation is based on our outstanding ability to detect zero-day web vulnerabilities in all types of online service infrastructure such as banks, airports, government websites and service or military networks. Researchers from the Evolution Security Team have already uncovered zero-day vulnerabilities in well-known web applications such as NATO, the White House, the IAEA, the NSA, the NAA and the Chinese Ministry.

Zero-Day Web Application Vulnerabilities - Online & Web Services

The Evolution Security GmbH research team runs its own web application infrastructure security program that was specially developed for governments and the military. We primarily offer our service only to verified and trustworthy clients to perform audits, penetration tests or other security checks. Another key service in this area is our Vulnerability Reporting Program, which actively tracks and reports security vulnerabilities to protect critical government infrastructure from cyberattacks.

Customers of our "Web Application Infrastructure" Exchange Partnership Program

  • Government Banking & Transaction Applications
  • Government Service IPS Application
  • Government, Army & Military Website Applications
  • Military Web Applications & Control/Management Interfaces
  • Government Online Service & UI (User Interfaces)
  • Web Filter-, Secure Engine and Protection Web Applications
  • Application Security Program - Vulnerability Exchange (Web Applications)

We detect all kind of session problems, encoding flaws, cross site issues, filter & secure engine bugs, sql injections, auth bypass vulnerabilities & more.

Application Security Program - Vulnerability Exchange (Web Applications)

We are able to uncover all possible types of security vulnerabilities. These include session-based issues, encoding errors, cross-site issues, SQL injections, authorization bypass holes, and many more. If you have any questions about our services, please contact us. More information with more details for government institutions, programs or the military offer can be found here. The following images show published vulnerabilities in important software products.

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