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The Evolution Security Research team offers various kinds of IT security workshops and awareness workshops, combined with a training, many technical details, a bug analysis, code review, sample codes, source texts, images and exclusive expertise.

Especially the awareness training courses are of great importance for fresh employees or company foundations. Today, employees are exposed to many security risks that result in an unsafe infrastructure. This problem is highlighted in several of our workshops / awareness-trainings & contains special recognition features in dealing with electronic media & sources.

Here is a list of some exmples of our possible workshops and trainings:
Technical & Information: Training & Workshop (8 Hours)
[+] Banking & payments - Advanced persistent threats in the infrastructures
[+] European banking standards & security awareness training
[+] Data security flaw awareness training
[+] Advanced malware & exploitcodes analysis in embed banking systems and terminals
[+] Expert malware & exploitcodes analysis in embed banking systems and terminals
[+] Experts training for hardening of bank infrastructures and payment computer systems
[+] Zero Day Business - Markets,  individuals, models, agencies & sensitive information
PenetrationTesting: Training & Workshop (8 Hours)
[+] ICS, SCADA & SPS - Art of exploitation - Advanced
[+] Web Application vulnerabilities & exploitation - Expert
[+] Software vulnerabilities & exploitation - Expert
[+] Network or Infrastructure vulnerabilities & exploitation - Advanced
[+] Hardware vulnerabilities & exploitation in embed devices - Advanced
[+] Hardware vulnerabilities & exploitation in industrial machines - Expert
[+] Mobile Devices (iOS & Android) vulnerabilities & exploitation - Advanced
[+] Advanced Security Testings & critical vulnerabilities in automated teller machines - Advanced
[+] Expert Audits & discovery of zero-day vulnerabilities in automated teller machines - Expert
[+] Identification of zero-day and infrastructure vulnerabilities - Expert
[+] UTM, Filter & Web Firewall vulnerabilities & exploitation - Advanced
Bug Bounty & Reward Programs or Services: Workshops (8 Hours)
[+] Bug Bounty Programs & Services - Requirements, stability and seriousness
[+] Bug Bounty Programs in 2017 - The researcher perspective scores
Awareness: Workshops (8 Hours)
[+] Phishing Kampagne & Training
[+] Malware Kampagne & Training
[+] Social Engineering Kampagne & Training


The trainings and workshop units are specially adapted to your needs (employees) in order to ensure a successful training. The duration of a training can also be extended. For questions about duration, prices, a complete list of workshops / trainings or possible dates, please use our contact form.

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