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The Evolution Security GmbH team and the Vulnerability Laboratory core research team offers different kind of pentesting services to clients and regular customers. Feel free to watch the security sub categories of our services and enjoy the information or details.

If you have any questions regarding our services, feel free to ask our administratiors or support service teams. Our customers are predominantly located in the following technology divisions:

  • Bank, Payment Providers and Insurance Companies
  • Telecommunication-, Carrier- or Web Service Providers
  • Authorities at federal and provincial level structures
  • International Corporations (Industry, Automotive, Chemicals, Media, Energy, Water)
  • Instituts, Universities or Agencies
What is a Penetration Test or PenTest ?
A penetration test, pentest simulation or sometimes pentest, is a software attack on a computer system that looks for security weaknesses, potentially gaining access to the computer's features and data. The process typically identifies the target systems and a particular goal—then reviews available information and undertakes various means to attain the goal. A penetration test target may be a white box (which provides background and system information) or black box (which provides only basic or no information except the company name). A penetration test can help determine whether a system is vulnerable to attack, if the defenses were sufficient, and which defenses (if any) the test defeated. Security issues that the penetration test uncovers should be reported to the system owner. Penetration test reports may also assess potential impacts to the organization and suggest countermeasures to reduce risk.



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