Pricing for Services

In this section we will answer your questions about the pricing of source code analyzes, reviews, audits, penetration tests, security checks and ratings. Since clients as a company are interested in what a penetration test costs and what the costs are based on, we have summarized some important variables here.

The prices for our services are based on the circumstances of the individual order:

  •    Programming Language (C#, C, C ++, Perl, Java, Ruby & Delphi)

  • Web Programming Language (HTML/5,PHP,ASP) & Scripting Languages (VBS,JS,CF & Flash)

  • Software, system, service, model, device, application area or application

  • Size/scope/number of projects, files, content, libraries, modules & web pages

  • Server systems, network infrastructure and service technologies

  • Demo, production, prototype system or startup technology

  • Black box or white box testing

  • Test execution at customer site (local) or remotely (remote)

  • Period & duration of the service

  • Staffing level for the provision of the service

  • Special requests of the client

Ask for our special prices on innovative concepts tailored to corporations, medium-sized companies and independent entrepreneurs. Please feel free to contact us directly for planned penetration tests, audits, insights, consultations, assessments or e.g. source code analyses to get a reliable quote.



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