Exploitation (Simulation)

Exploitation - Test Simulation

The exploitation phase is the third step of the test simulation procedure. In the exploitation phase the researchers and pentesters take action by actively exploitation of security flaws, well know vulnerabilities, 0day vulnerabilities and security weaknesses. Our top researchers combine to manual and automatic exploitation methods to successful goal.

Development - Exploits & Proof of Concepts

In the exploitation phase our security researchers and penetration testers develop own exploits to bypass or evade filters but also to unauthorized gain system access by own discovered zero-day vulnerabilities. Once our researchers against unauthorized system access to a first or main system the possibility popups up to continue the exploitation procedure with the followup target systems. In the exploitation phase our researchers attack the computer systems with high experience and of course our own software, scripts or programs.

Public Bugs - Exploits & Proof of Concepts

We are also able to use public vulnerability reports, poc and exploits to successful detect vulnerabilities in customer infrastructures but our main priority on testings is to discover zero-day (unknown) vulnerabilities. The evolution security team is also watching and monitoring public information about public vulnerabilities or bugs to grant our clients/customers an all around exploitation simulation.

Re-enter of Reconnaissance & Enumeration
In the exploitation phase the researchers and penetration testers have ever the ability to re-enter the reconnaissance or enumeration phase to capture new targets and also to extend running tests.

Next Phase - Documentation

After the exploitation -phase, we are prepared for the documentation and ending phase of the simulation. Watch as next step the documentation phase.

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