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Live Hacking - Events & Shows

We at Evolution Security, are always up-to-date and are daily looking for new zeroday security gaps and new attack vectors. We are also happy to share our latest findings and experiences with you. If you are planning a conference or want to update your employees, you are right here

Our expert team has many years of practical experience and their publications are recognized by renowned companies across the world.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Filter Bypass (Beginners, Advanced & Expert)
  • Kernel Level Exploitation (Beginners, Advanced & Expert)
  • SQL Injections (Beginners, Advanced & Expert)
  • Local File Inclusions (Beginners, Advanced & Expert)
  • Cross Site Scripting (Beginners, Advanced & Expert)
  • Remote Code Execution (Beginners, Advanced & Expert)
  • IoT Device or Infrastructure (Beginners, Advanced & Expert)
  • Mobile Hacking (Devices or Service) - (Beginners, Advanced & Expert)

All the techniques demonstrated during our live events are based on unique methods developed by our employees. Therefore, it is not necessary to have to resort to public exploits and tools.

Our live events cover everything. From network structures, to system level exploitation and burglaries in web applications. If you are missing topics, please contact us.

Contact us, we are always open to questions about our live hacking events.

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